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We are grateful to our clients who enable and trust us to design their most personal environments…...THE HOMES THEY LIVE IN.

Our commitment to design excellence is exceeded only by the value and commitment we place on the long term relationships we build with our clients.
John and Donna VanBrouck
“John and Donna VanBrouck design the most incredible houses. Their attention to detail is like none other.

The homes they design not only work well in everyday living but look spectacular.

They have a talent for asking the client questions and drawing exactly what you need. They have designed 2 large homes for me and an addition.

They are now designing an incredible Ocean front Beach House for us off the coast of North Carolina.
It always amazes me how I can say something and John has it on paper exactly as I envisioned it.

John and Donna take advantage of the lay of the land. They look at your quality of living when designing the house and incorporate your lifestyle into your home. In one case they had never seen my lake lot, just had a site plan and pictures.

The house is laid out perfectly with great views of the lake. It was all done long distance.

They work extremely well with the builders and are always available to answer any questions.

The houses they design can be built easily even though they are very detailed. This is important for cost effectiveness.
The phrase "surprise and delight" comes to mind when I think of John and Donna VanBrouck.”
Julie Dunning and Alan Cantor
Ann Arbor, Michigan
“John and Donna VanBrouck came highly recommended from both a design and value standpoint when we were looking to design and build our dream home.
Our expectations
were far
Their ability to take our idea of what our dream home was and put it on paper with additional details that made it even more amazing than we ever expected was a wonderful experience.
But their commitment to the project didn’t stop there.  The process of building always leads to unexpected changes in plans and they were there through the many revisions to give their expert advice and supply updated plans for the builders. 

Working with John and Donna has been the best part of the process of building our home thus far. 

We highly recommend them!” 

Jennie and Jason Thompson
Charlotte, North Carolina
“Back in January of 2009 our builder, Olde World Homes, took us to meet John and Donna VanBrouck in hopes they could help us design our dream home.

The VanBrouck’s did not disappoint and did an outstanding job. They listened to all our requests and in a timely fashion returned with spectacular drawings that incorporated everything we wanted and more. We broke ground in early March of 2009 and just moved into our dream home.

It is truly one of the most unique homes on our lake and in the neighborhood.

The flow of the house is just how we wanted, with spectacular views from every room, and our builder was able to successfully build this beautiful custom home with no problems. We get nothing but compliments from our friends and neighbors regarding the home.

We recommend your services to everyone!

We have moved in our beautiful designed home and it is just gorgeous.

Thanks for helping us design our dream home.”

Ron and Linda Pellegrino
Orchard Lake, Michigan

“After several years of experimental searching for a long term architect/ designer, I was introduced to John and Donna VanBrouck. In the years before the VanBoucks, we had trouble conveying our likings and desires without pushback from the hired design teams. It grew very frustrating and I would compare going to the design office like going to the doctor: something we had to do, but not always enjoyable; and after the visit, I would receive a bill.

My experience with the VanBroucks was far from those aggravating experiences at the doctor’s office. All of our design meetings were productive, focused and enjoyable. John and Donna took the time to ask the right questions to fully understand where we were headed with the design of our homes.

‘With what seemed effortless, the stroke of John’s pencil on a paper; or sometimes even a napkin, seemed to hit our exact expectation.’

The realization that I did have, was that when John and Donna approach us with concerns about an individual architectural detail, we would undoubtedly proceed with their recommendation and they were typically always right. It is important for any home builder or custom home buyer to have a comfortable relationship with their home designer.

It took us several years to find a design team, but we landed on the ideal relationship with John and Donna VanBrouck."

Michael Sloan
Princpal, Jordan James Builders, LLC
Charlotte, North Carolina
"The husband and wife team of John and Donna VanBrouck are fantastic!
They are extremely talented in their own areas of expertise and complement each other in developing the final design/ product.

The most important aspect of this team is the fact that they REALLY LISTEN!

In our very first meeting they asked questions, took notes, had amazing suggestions, and made the meeting an extremely pleasant session.

When they came back with the very first set of preliminary drawings we were somewhat astonished…….they hit the nail on the head – EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR.

We feel the VanBrouck’s do an amazing job and quite frankly are very nice to work with.


Tom and Carolyn McAnallen
Torch Lake
Traverse City, Michigan

We would highly recommend having VanBrouck‟s as your first choice to design your dream home. We are retired and wanted to build our dream home on a lake.

After interviewing various architects & residential designers in the area, we
decided on VanBrouck's
. Our decision was easily made based upon creative design, compatibility with the builder, and designing a living style based upon who we are and how we live our lives.
We found working with John and Donna was the 'fun part' of building!
They listen to you and incorporate unique & functional design options.
What you get in the end is a living piece of art, and some friends along the way.

We cannot tell you how many strangers stop at our house and ask 'who designed it'

We could not be happier with our home and highly recommend the VanBrouck's as you consider this endeavor.”

Jeff and Janet Morgan
Strawberry Lake
Pinckney, Michigan
We could not be happier with the design of our home. After struggling with our first architect to provide expected drawings and meet promised due dates, we were directed by our builder to VanBrouck and Associates.
John and Donna solicited our ideas and wants, and just as importantly, those features we did not want. Despite the length of our wish list and the design restrictions those specifics created, the plan they put together captured the exact feel for both the interior and exterior we imagined.

The house is full of interesting spaces but also flows naturally from room to room. Particular attention was paid to sightlines and scale, and the unique features and level of detail consistent with the home‟s style speak for the personal interest John and Donna put into their designs.
In addition, the working relationship was professional and
efficient, yet extremely personable
. Each stage of the process was completed as promised and our expectations were always exceeded.

The first concept drawings presented to us were 95% reflective of the final product which is a real testament to their ability to interpret their clients' input.
  The suitable for framing color pencil drawing of the proposed
front elevation which accompanied these initial drawings was
incredibly helpful in bringing the house to life
Any changes we requested were optimized and completed quickly. John and Donna also took the time to review our exterior material selections to ensure compatibility and consistency.

We would encourage anyone planning to build a custom home to work with the VanBrouck's.

Their personal attention and imaginative plans provide an excellent value and a very livable home.”

Rick and Denise Kunkle
Brighton, Michigan
Building a custom home had always been our dream. Over the years, we accumulated an extensive collection of inspirational magazine pictures.

When we arrived for our first design meeting, with our BOXES of pictures, John and Donna didn't laugh, remained calm, and somehow managed to transform the entire mess into a truly beautiful home!
VanBrouck & Associates were patient, exceptionally creative, and a pleasure to work with.

We would highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't the slightest idea of what they want or to those who have too many ideas!!!

Jan and Buzz Holzer
Cass Lake
West Bloomfield, Michigan
Our many years of working professionally with VanBrouck and Associates have turned into a personal relationship with John and Donna VanBrouck

John and Donna listen to our clients carefully and help them to create the home of their dreams.
They consistently produce the highest quality work and are obsessed with the details.

We are custom builders of homes with distinctive European flair, and there‟s just no other architects' designing with the Period Authenticity that of VanBrouck and Associates.”

Don Leith
Olde World Homes
Orchard Lake, MI

I have worked with at least 20 different architects since the early 80's.
John and Donna VanBrouck, and their associates, have outperformed them all with their designs, working drawings, and timely manner.
My customers have all enjoyed working with John and Donna. VanBrouck has the technical abilities to develop many different tasks in his field.
We have worked together for 8 years now and I highly recommend using VanBrouck & Associates.
Eric Guidobono
Owner, Guidobono Building Company
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
“Working with VanBrouck and Associates is always a pleasure. Not only are they highly creative and innovative in their design….
….they have an uncommon ability to listen to their clients.
Instead of designing a plan that is solely their creation, they will take your input and integrate it into the design. The end result is a home that is better than either one of us could‟ve created on our own.
I highly recommend them.”
Eric Gutt
Principal, Beacon Builders
Charlotte, NC
We retained VanBrouck & Associates to design our house in the Prairie Style of architecture. After meeting with John and Donna VanBrouck a few times, we received initial construction plans, which captured very well what we envisioned.

The builder, interior designer, contractors and other persons working on the house have been impressed with the quality of the design, aesthetically and structurally.
John and Donna have been a pleasure to work with. They have been very receptive to our ideas, including numerous changes that we requested.

They quickly respond to any inquiry and are always available to meet on short notice.
Both John and Donna have great taste and in the selection of materials and other aspects of construction are conscious of cost.
Finally, they have given us excellent recommendations for contractors and suppliers

For the reasons stated above, we would not hesitate to recommend VanBrouck & Associates.
Sheryl and Jeff
We have a number of friends who have built beautiful, custom homes with John and Donna VanBrouck. When we finally decided to “take the plunge,” VanBrouck and Associates was an easy choice for us to have them design our dream home.
The entire process was quite enjoyable from beginning to end. They were able to turn our “wish list” into a beautiful home plan.
Their artistic vision made our house design aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for our family’s needs.
Both John and Donna were readily available for questions and personal meetings. Minor changes were handled quickly and professionally.
We are thrilled that our dream home has finally become a reality with the help of VanBrouck and Associates!”
Dr. David and Lisa Baird
Northville, Michigan

It all began in 1992 when I first met the VanBrouck’s as a husband and wife residential design team. They helped us create our dream home on the lake that my family enjoyed for years to come.

As an interior designer myself, it seemed only natural that we would work together on future projects. Since then, we have collaborated on some very exciting residential properties that have been featured in many local publications.

Designing as a unit is a process that comes so naturally for John and Donna.
They compliment each other with their expertise in listening intently to client’s wishes, using their professional knowledge and creativity to produce exquisite finished drawings.

It has always been a positive outcome working together with the VanBrouck’s and our clients regardless which style our clients request. As you can imagine, we have both a professional and personal relationship after so many years working together.

What I have observed over the years is both John and Donna will commit to doing whatever is necessary to complete their projects in a professional and timely manner.

I cannot say enough about their integrity on all levels which is why they have such a successful business.
I would conclude by recommending the VanBrouck’s for any and all of your home design needs, and look forward to our next project together.”
Jeannie Ewing
Franklin, Michigan
“ As an on site sales representative of Luxury Home Builders I have had the opportunity to work with some exceptional Residential Home Designers and Architects.

John and Donna VanBrouck offer the finest Residential Design Services of any that I could recommend.
Their design creativity is outstanding and attention to the smallest details unmatched.
They focus clearly on bringing a client’s vision to life and are not themselves happy with achieving anything less. They set the bar for outstanding service and employ the most up to date technologies to help their clients envision their home throughout the process.

Careful listening is their virtue… outstanding creativity and imaginations their tools.
They rest only when a client’s joy, satisfaction, and excitement exceed their own.

It is a true pleasure to work with them and I give them my highest recommendation when looking to choose someone to design your dream home.

You will not be disappointed!“

Robert MacLeod
Real Estate Specialist
Charlotte, NC
“I have been in the building Industry for nearly 30 years and I have yet to see a team like Donna and John VanBrouck.
They are without a doubt the most innovative, talented, and easy to get along with team I have ever worked with.
From start to finish they have exceeded my expectations on each and every project. I am confident their design talent will amaze anyone who works with them.

I have just started a new building company with my sons and even had the VanBrouck’s create my logo, website, and designed new plan collections to market ….. and I am thrilled at the results.
In my opinion they are highly creative & capable in handling custom builder’s marketing campaigns coupled with their unbeatable plan collections for your business or for the communities you are building in.

They are truly a design team that CAN'T BE MATCHED!!!”

David Simonini
Simonini Building Group
Charlotte, North Carolina
“FUN, EXCITING and CREATIVE are but a few words that initially come to mind when I work with John and Donna VanBrouck on residential projects.

As an engineer I truly appreciate their thoroughness and accuracy in their final plans.
As a builder, I have fun with our building clients as their initial ideas unfold into final designs in the very creative and artistic hands of VanBrouck & Associates.
Working with John and Donna on a project is truly a pleasure for both the client and builder … a true partnership … an amazing final producta home to be proud of.

Scott Visger
Vantage Construction Co.
Custom Builder
Brighton, Michigan
It has been my pleasure working with John and Donna over the years. They are both very talented and their skill sets compliments each other very well.

Together they have provided my clients with not only great house plans but a pleasurable experience.
They LISTEN WELL and design a house with care and precision.

They both have always gone above and beyond my expectations to make every relationship I have introduced them to successful.

I am proud to be their client and friend.”

Harold Soutier
President, Foundation Homes
Charlotte, North Carolina
I discovered John from an email that came to me. I mention this because I get a lot of emails from all walks of builder services and this one caught my eye enough to explore further.

I was intrigued by the smaller scale of his designs as well as the renderings that really painted a picture for the customer. I called John the next day to see about working with him to market a couple of neighborhoods with his plan collections. We used some existing plans and also a few plans that he had on file
The high style of the elevations, partnered with the efficiency of the designs, were exactly what we were looking for.
John was easy to work with from the beginning and approached the partnership as an opportunity for him and for me. The results of the first plan collection have been very positive. Lots of calls and inquiries and a potential build in the first few months. As with any build to suit, changes were requested and John was quick with sketches to put in front of our customer.
We are very pleased with the relationship and are working on a second home plan collection for a different neighborhood.

John's combination of unique, cost efficient design, and eye popping renderings make for a perfect building partner for a small custom builder like myself.”

James Smith
Owner, Flagstone Custom Homes
Dallas, Texas
"As a custom homebuilder, we like to provide our clients a complete building solution from design to
warrantee. While some clients want to design their home from scratch, some find the task too involved.
VanBrouck offers gorgeous floor plans that homeowners can begin with.

They work exceptionally well with our clients to adjust their plans to meet the personal desires and budget of the client.

For the client who wants a unique and built from scratch home, VanBrouck sits down with the client asking questions while taking copious notes and translates them onto sketch paper making their dreams come to life.
The experience is great!...."A husband and wife team that works well together....Wow"

Our clients find that VanBrouck and Associates are easy to work
with and they understand the latest trends in homebuilding including smart sized and eco friendly homes.

Brad Bullock
Principal, Kingdom Builders
Charlotte, North Carolina
VanBrouck and Associates have been designing our homes in Novi and offsite throughout Michigan for over 10 years. Their unique approach with our clients to customize the plans, consider interior design layouts and specifications simplifies the building process for our clients.
Donna and John mesh together as a creative team for which they approach the design process from two unique and complementary perspectives.
Husbands and wives can work together with the VanBrouck’s to easily achieve the needs of all parties.

Using up-to-date materials, designs and layouts make Vanbrouck and Associates the ideal choice for an ever changing Real Estate market.

Whether we are designing themed multi family communities or a large custom offsite estate home…..
VanBrouck and Associates is our source for creative, fast, and cost effective custom home designs.”
Erik Morganroth
Luxury Estate Broker, Maybury Park Estates
Novi, Michigan

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